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Dome Resin Labels

Domed Resin Labels are optically clear labels that have a coating of resin applied over the surface of the label, giving the label a three dimensional appearance, and a high gloss look which is visually eye catching and adds a touch of class!

The resin coating itself is a soft, flexible resin which is UV light resistant, so it will not discolour, is resistant to scratching, and can withstand outdoor environments such as on motor vehicles and outdoor equipment. The adhesives used are permanent and durable, so the labels will stay stuck firmly on the substrate they are applied to for many years.




Embossed “ROCKLABS” Text on metallic silver polyester label
screen printed with resin applied to form a domed coating.

Label Options

Self Adhesive Vinyl or polyester films with either digitally printed or screen printed graphics are available – metallic polyesters are recommended for embossed labels, as the reflected surface makes the embossing stand out, as in the above example. For added effect, transparently tinted inks can be used in combination with embossing for stunning effect.

Self adhesive polyester materials in white, pearlescent, metallic gold, metallic silver, brushed silver, and even clear film are usually used as the base material, although almost any substrate can be printed and have resin applied. Aluminium, brass and stainless steel are excellent choices for branding outdoor furniture and equipment.

Permark-2015-07-Website-headers-and-products-008Screen Printed and embossed text with resin applied. Used for branding to provide a high quality image.


Screen Printed & Resin applied for an eyecatching 3 Dimensional effect.

Typical Applications

  • Branding on computers, cars, white ware, appliances.
  • Branding on promotional products.
  • Coating badges, nameplates and signs
  • Enhancing the look and feel of corporate graphics
  • Encapsulating small item
  • Inserts for key rings and other promotional products.



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