Self Adhesive Labels

Self adhesive labels can be printed in any size or shape in bright graphic colors and onto a number of different vinyl and polyester materials to suit your special environmental conditions.

Ideal Solution

The ideal solution when there is a need for a high quality label that can provide the answer to a range of labeling challenges, including Barcodes, Asset Tags and Tamper Evident Labels. Labels can be laminated to other materials to make durable signs, and a variety of films can be laminated onto the surface of adhesive labels for protection or appearance.

Quality Materials

Permark industries uses quality materials from established and reputable suppliers to provide solutions to a range of label and identification problems. We make a bright , easy to use label, that is affixed simply , reinforcing your attention to image enhancement and our flexibility and range of skills in the specialist printing industry.

Typical Applications

Company Identification and Branding lables
Directional and Safety Signs
Information and instruction panels


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